uiserver changes

Alexander Neundorf alexander.neundorf at gmx.net
Thu Jan 30 18:27:33 GMT 2003

On Thursday 30 January 2003 18:18, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> Moin,
> On Dienstag Januar 28 2003 19:00, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > maybe you have noticed that the uiserver has a system tray icon (i.e. a
> > plain-sheet-icon, a real icon is missing) and a configuration dialog.
> > [...]
> > -What do you think of the changes ? Suggestions ?
> How can I get rid of it? Sorry but I neither want another systray icon nor
> do I want my downloads grouped,

Grouped ? I made only the existing "show all network operations in one window" 
feature  more easily accessible.

> I use a separate downloadmanager for that (d4x).
> Also the systray-icon regularly reappears, probably caused by
> konqueror-usage. I know the changes are very fresh but I'm not quite sure
> if this is needed at all and why I don't see a normal kio progresswindow

I'll have a look this weekend, this shouldn't happen.

> anymore even if that new tool is not in systray anmore (i.e. the download

Well, it is no new tool...

> is in background and you cannot see if/when it ends).
> Bye, Stefan aka mETz


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