timeouts in DCOP calls

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Wed Jan 29 14:25:11 GMT 2003


 I had a look at the reported lockups with konqy preloading if some (other) 
konqy freezes. First of all I figured preloading is innocent, it cannot 
really block, unless kded freezes for some reason. It's the reusing (for 
local browsing etc.).

 Anyway, if you run e.g. the attache test app and browse it in kdcop, it will 
work fine for 10 seconds when the app is still responding, and then all calls 
will block until the app quits or responds. So I suppose DCOP might need 
timeouts for calls waiting for an answer. See for example the attached patch, 
which makes the timeout 2 seconds (only if useEventLoop is false).

 Now, the things I'm not sure about are how long the timeout should be, if 
there should be a timeout for useEventLoop == true too, and what about apps 
that don't use useEventLoop == true yet they don't really care if they once a 
millenium block for few seconds because the other app is busy at the moment.

 Any ideas, comments?

Lubos Lunak
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