KDialogBase patch - make the first widget initially focused

Mirko Boehm mirco.boehm at comcast.net
Mon Jan 27 20:22:00 GMT 2003

<quote who="Lubos Lunak">
>  I figured KDialogBase is even explicitly forcing focus on the button
> for some
> strange reason (strange, because Enter or at least Ctrl+Enter activates
> that  button anyway). This patch both disables this explicit giving of
> the focus to  the button, and also reorders all buttons in the dialog to
> be at the end of  the tab order. Does somebody know why KDialogBase was
> written this way, or is  it ok to commit the patch?
Well, Espen Sand knows, he is the one who changed KDialogBase to its
current state. He also introduced the weird KJanusWidget, which in my
opinion is a violation of the C++ approach (it displays the different
kinds of dialogs, but this should be done in a couple of derived widgets).

But I think the respective dialog developer will have to decide which
widget should have focus first.


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