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Hi there,

I'm forwarding Matthias Ettrich's summary from this afternoon for the KDE e.V. 
(because he thinks it's appropirate that we do start the discussion, thanks 
Matthias for organizing this :-))

The subject of the mail is intentional: I didn't say "KDE Developer meeting" 
but "KDE fellows" because we want those that are part of the KDE effort to 
participate - which explicitely includes translators and documentation 
people, although "regular" coders regard them as developers, I want to avoid 
misunderstandings :-)) So, I'd say, let's plan a KDE-Fellow's meeting.

Here is Matthias summary for proposing that, please mind that not all are 
subscribed on each mailinglist (kde-core-devel, kde-devel and kde-i18n-doc), 
in case you have proposals for the meeting, cross-post :-)


<quote> Matthias:

We were discussing a KDE conference on irc. As we agreed on last year,
it would be nice to do a conference outside Germany for a change.

Suggested location: Academic and University Center Nove Hrady in the
Czech Republic. That's close to the beer capital Budweis and the
Austrian town Linz, only a bit more than 1 hour away from Vienna, and
ca. 2 hours from Prague.

Recommended travel from abroad are the airpors in Linz, Vienna or
Prague. If many people fly via Prague, we can organize a shuttle.

See pictures of the castle including a map on

Onsite technicalities:
   - ~40 dual processor machines with 1GB memory running
   - 200+ network plugs, meaning we can bring as many laptops as we
   - SuSE/Prague may be able to provide futher machines?
   - excellent network connection
   - accomodations for up to 100 people

The best timeframe for them would be within the semester holdidays
July to September. You probably also want to bring a swimming suit,
the area is a popular tourist destination. Outside that timeframe less
resources would be available, but it might still be possible.

Richard Moore suggested to start on a Friday and have the conference
last until Monday (cheaper flights over weekends), with an extended
hacking session for those who want and have the time until the
following thursday.

If we want to accept this kind offer, we should give the Institute
organizers a firm date within the next two weeks, so they can reserve
the time for us.

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