Nove Hrady - A possible Meeting for KDE fellows

Lukáš Tinkl lukas.tinkl at
Sun Jan 26 17:53:28 GMT 2003

Dne ne 26. ledna 2003 17:54 Ralf Nolden napsal(a):
> Hi there,
> I'm forwarding Matthias Ettrich's summary from this afternoon for the KDE
> e.V. (because he thinks it's appropirate that we do start the discussion,
> thanks Matthias for organizing this :-))
> The subject of the mail is intentional: I didn't say "KDE Developer
> meeting" but "KDE fellows" because we want those that are part of the KDE
> effort to participate - which explicitely includes translators and
> documentation people, although "regular" coders regard them as developers,
> I want to avoid misunderstandings :-)) So, I'd say, let's plan a
> KDE-Fellow's meeting.
> Here is Matthias summary for proposing that, please mind that not all are
> subscribed on each mailinglist (kde-core-devel, kde-devel and
> kde-i18n-doc), in case you have proposals for the meeting, cross-post :-)
> Ralf
> <quote> Matthias:
> We were discussing a KDE conference on irc. As we agreed on last year,
> it would be nice to do a conference outside Germany for a change.
> Suggested location: Academic and University Center Nove Hrady in the
> Czech Republic. That's close to the beer capital Budweis and the
> Austrian town Linz, only a bit more than 1 hour away from Vienna, and
> ca. 2 hours from Prague.
> Recommended travel from abroad are the airpors in Linz, Vienna or
> Prague. If many people fly via Prague, we can organize a shuttle.
> See pictures of the castle including a map on
> Onsite technicalities:
>    - ~40 dual processor machines with 1GB memory running
>    GNU/Linux
>    - 200+ network plugs, meaning we can bring as many laptops as we
>    want
>    - SuSE/Prague may be able to provide futher machines?
>    - excellent network connection
>    - accomodations for up to 100 people

needless to say that I fully support this suggestion, even though I've never 
been there nor it is close to my home ;)

Let me state what SuSE CZ could offer:
- a couple of extra machines
- parts (keyboards, cables, switches; anything of that sort)
- organizing the transport from Prague to Nové Hrady

Finally, please realize that the prices in Czech Republic are far more 
favorable than in any country around (Austria, Germany). A typical hotel 
price for one night is about 10 - 20 Euros, food and drinks are for much less 
(lunch menu for ~ 3 Euro; a beer for less than one Euro). I'm sure this is a 
big advantage :-)

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