[PROPOSAL] cvs support in KDE

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Wed Jan 22 00:14:14 GMT 2003

Am Montag, 20. Januar 2003 00:40 schrieb Hamish Rodda:
> On Monday 20 January 2003 04:32, Christian Loose wrote:
> The official document is in CVS at kdelibs/kioslave/http/rfc3253 or on the
> web at http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3253.txt - also, the page at
> http://www.webdav.org/specs/ has some supplementary documentation. Webdav
> versioning is used by subversion (and probably others I don't know about).

Thanks for the links!

> In terms of implementation, I was thinking about extending KIO; using a
> plugin mechanism to provide a generic interface to common capabilities of a
> versioning system, plus have the ability to add their own unique features
> to the file dialog etc.  The plugins would then either implement their
> functionality through kioslaves with special() requests, metadata etc, or
> other means (separate client library, dcop interface etc.)  This way you
> could use your dcop interface, just writing a plugin which uses it.  Also,
> the design would hopefully be such that no modification is needed in
> applications to take advantage of the basic capability, and little
> modifications for full use.
> Cheers,
> Hamish.

I'm not yet through the documentation of Webdav and I don't know much about 
KIO. But it seems as if Webdav works a little different than the other common 
versioning systems. Webdav works directly on the repository and there is no 
working copy, right? So I think a KIO interface to Webdav makes perfect sense 
but I'm not sure about CVS and Subversion. Maybe I misunderstood you, but 
would the CVS kioslave work with the checked-out working copy or with the 
repository? What would a call to get() for example mean for the CVS kioslave?

I hope I'm on the right track. :-)


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