[kde-linux] the konqueror doesn't let the cdrom to be unmounted

Julian Rockey linux at jrockey.com
Mon Jan 20 22:39:10 GMT 2003

On Monday 20 Jan 2003 8:50 pm, Michael Brade wrote:
> Hmm, while trying to fix the IRIX/Solaris systems I noticed: supermount is
> for Linux only AFAIK, but you added it to the BSD section (HAVE_GETMNTINFO)
> as well. Is that intended?
No, it was not knowing that HAVE_GETMNTINFO effectively meant "compiling under 
BSD"... sorry. I'll remove it.
> Also, for Linux, does supermount _have_ to be in fstab or is it possible to
> mount something "by hand" with supermount? If so, is the option
> "supermount" in /etc/mtab as well? That would mean we have to change the
> code...
I think it's possible but unlikely, as the whole point is to have supermount 
automatically mount for you, so most people/distros would use fstab. But best 
be safe I suppose. Does the attached look all right? Easily possible that 
I've missed something, I don't know this code very well as you can tell....
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