Broken KDE Admin Dir

Malte Starostik malte at
Mon Jan 20 20:53:39 GMT 2003

On Monday 20 January 2003 21:36, Andreas Pour wrote:
> Dirk Mueller wrote:
> > Well, if the developer really wants to have his app to compile still with
> > KDE 3.0 then he shouldn't use the HEAD admin dir, but 3_0_BRANCH.
> Hmm, you are stating a conclusion without any supporting reasoning :-).  My
> query is:  what is the advantage of breaking compilations for third-party
> KDE developers?  It certainly is easy enough to add MIN_CONFIG(3.1) to the
> 8 kde core package scripts or whatever, but trying to
> communicate the need to change something so obscure to the thousands of
> independent KDE developers is a lot more cumbersome, wouldn't you agree?

To me this sounds a bit like asking for kdebase HEAD not to rely on any 
kdelibs features introduced after 3.0. If a developer wants to write a KDE 
3.0 app, it seems pretty logical that he is to use a 3.0 admin dir as well, 
doesn't it?

> > Better tell then the developer who made that fault.
> IMO the fault clearly lies in the file.  It is a simple
> 2-character change that will fix the problem, which certainly is a lot
> easier than trying to chase down all developers who erroneously believe
> that the admin dir uses reasonable defaults and will not artificially try
> to restrict their user-base.  I say, better to make the defaults
> reasonable.

HEAD modules are for HEAD. Always been like that and I don't know why this 
should change.


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