Broken KDE Admin Dir

Andreas Pour pour at
Mon Jan 20 21:26:17 GMT 2003

Malte Starostik wrote:

> > Hmm, you are stating a conclusion without any supporting reasoning :-).  My
> > query is:  what is the advantage of breaking compilations for third-party
> > KDE developers?  It certainly is easy enough to add MIN_CONFIG(3.1) to the
> > 8 kde core package scripts or whatever, but trying to
> > communicate the need to change something so obscure to the thousands of
> > independent KDE developers is a lot more cumbersome, wouldn't you agree?
> To me this sounds a bit like asking for kdebase HEAD not to rely on any
> kdelibs features introduced after 3.0. If a developer wants to write a KDE
> 3.0 app, it seems pretty logical that he is to use a 3.0 admin dir as well,
> doesn't it?


I don't think so, since people will not expect that the newer admin dir will
have that effect, and you make a huge number of illogical assumptions about how
people develop in that statement.  For one, I see no way for the average person
to determine what KDE version an admin dir is from - at least I can't tell
except I happen to know a few key values in assignment changes to check for. For
two, I don't know how these admin dirs get passed around in general but I do
know they end up where they shouldn't - since you seem to understand this so
well please do explain it to the clueless ones like me.

What exacly is your problem with changing it so it works for other people?

> > > Better tell then the developer who made that fault.
> >
> > IMO the fault clearly lies in the file.  It is a simple
> > 2-character change that will fix the problem, which certainly is a lot
> > easier than trying to chase down all developers who erroneously believe
> > that the admin dir uses reasonable defaults and will not artificially try
> > to restrict their user-base.  I say, better to make the defaults
> > reasonable.
> HEAD modules are for HEAD. Always been like that and I don't know why this
> should change.

B/c nothing I suggest breaks anything for HEAD, it just stops breaking it for
KDE 3.0.  B/c the admin dir is NOT VERSIONED.  B/c things are breaking.  B/c
there is no reason not to change it.



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