Broken KDE Admin Dir

Andreas Pour pour at
Mon Jan 20 20:36:10 GMT 2003

Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Son, 19 Jan 2003, Andreas Pour wrote:
> > The thing is that developers assume they can safely use the KDE head admin dir.
> > IMO by default it should require qt-3.0.3 (or whatever KDE 3.0 required) and
> > someone must add a statement to to make it require something
> > different.  This is b/c a lot of people will continue to write to KDE 3.0 (so
> > that KDE 3.0 users can use the software) and b/c minimum requirements should be
> > explicitly stated rather than assumed (except of course KDE 3).
> Well, if the developer really wants to have his app to compile still with
> KDE 3.0 then he shouldn't use the HEAD admin dir, but 3_0_BRANCH.

Hmm, you are stating a conclusion without any supporting reasoning :-).  My
query is:  what is the advantage of breaking compilations for third-party KDE
developers?  It certainly is easy enough to add MIN_CONFIG(3.1) to the 8 kde
core package scripts or whatever, but trying to communicate the
need to change something so obscure to the thousands of independent KDE
developers is a lot more cumbersome, wouldn't you agree?

> Better tell then the developer who made that fault.

IMO the fault clearly lies in the file.  It is a simple
2-character change that will fix the problem, which certainly is a lot easier
than trying to chase down all developers who erroneously believe that the admin
dir uses reasonable defaults and will not artificially try to restrict their
user-base.  I say, better to make the defaults reasonable.



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