Broken KDE Admin Dir

Jason Wood jasonwood at
Mon Jan 20 15:36:04 GMT 2003

On Monday 20 Jan 2003 2:59 pm, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Son, 19 Jan 2003, Andreas Pour wrote:
> > The thing is that developers assume they can safely use the KDE head
> > admin dir. IMO by default it should require qt-3.0.3 (or whatever KDE 3.0
> > required) and someone must add a statement to to make it
> > require something different.  This is b/c a lot of people will continue
> > to write to KDE 3.0 (so that KDE 3.0 users can use the software) and b/c
> > minimum requirements should be explicitly stated rather than assumed
> > (except of course KDE 3).
> Well, if the developer really wants to have his app to compile still with
> KDE 3.0 then he shouldn't use the HEAD admin dir, but 3_0_BRANCH.
> Better tell then the developer who made that fault.

Thuis may be mandrake specific, but as far as I am aware  the admin directory 
with KDE 3.0 does not work if autoconf2.5x is installed on the system. This 
means that you cannot develop for KDE 3.0 (which makes sense since no boxed 
distro yet includes KDE 3.1) and compile KDE 3.1 apps at the same time (KDE 
3.1 drops support for autoconf 2.13).


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