[kde-linux] the konqueror doesn't let the cdrom to be unmounted

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Sun Jan 12 16:40:26 GMT 2003

On Sunday 12 January 2003 13:29, Julian Rockey wrote:
> On Sunday 12 Jan 2003 11:03 am, ieg wrote:
> > There's a annoying bug in the konqueror 3.1_rc6. If I mount a cdrom and
> > access it through konqueror, the cdrom cannot be unmounted until the
> > konqueror is closed.
Yes, this bug is known (see kfm-devel) and I even did a fix on Thursday. 
However, it does not work for me---KIO::probably_slow_mounted _always_ 
returns false! The problem is, I have to do a presentation tomorrow, so I 
didn't find the time to debug this issue yet. I'll fix it Monday or Tuesday, 
promised :-) Maybe it will then even make it into KDE 3.1.

> I'm copying this thread to kde-core-devel as it's quite core-deve-ish. It
> looks as if it's to do with KDirLister 'caching' directories that aren't
> needed and continuing to watch them.
Yes, please see kfm-devel.

> Perhaps someone who knows this area could comment... is it as simple as
> something like this in kdirlister.cpp:
> -      if ( item->complete)
> +      if ( item->complete && !item.isUnderMountPoint())
No, this is wrong. The solution is to move the item into cache and to stop 
watching it.

> Then work out whether an item is under a mount point by using something
> ugly like scanning fstab, unless there's a nicer way..?
I don't know of any. KIO::probably_slow_mounted does this using mtab, but as I 
said, there are problems somewhere. Please be patient ;->

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