[kde-linux] the konqueror doesn't let the cdrom to be unmounted

Julian Rockey linux at jrockey.com
Fri Jan 17 22:51:17 GMT 2003

On Sunday 12 Jan 2003 4:40 pm, Michael Brade wrote:
> > Then work out whether an item is under a mount point by using something
> > ugly like scanning fstab, unless there's a nicer way..?
> I don't know of any. KIO::probably_slow_mounted does this using mtab, but
> as I said, there are problems somewhere. Please be patient ;->
Michael, your changes work OK for me -- just one thing, can I suggest a check 
for vfstype==supermount - for Linux's supermount -  is added in addition to 
the check for noauto in the options (per attached patch)? Although supermount 
does not have the noauto option its mount points should not be watched unless 
in use, to allow it to auto unmount. I can commit if you OK it.
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