the konqueror doesn't let the cdrom to be unmounted

Julian Rockey linux at
Sun Jan 12 12:29:15 GMT 2003

On Sunday 12 Jan 2003 11:03 am, ieg wrote:
> There's a annoying bug in the konqueror 3.1_rc6. If I mount a cdrom and
> access it through konqueror, the cdrom cannot be unmounted until the
> konqueror is closed. I have only to access the cdrom. Even if I leave the
> directory where the cdrom is mounted, the konqueror blocks the unmounting.
> In konqueror 3.1_rc5, the konqueror never blocks the unmounting.
> Anyone can reproduce this bug?? Please, try to fix it until 3.1 release.
> This is very annoying.
I can confirm this bug, happening here is with CVS (3_1_BRANCH) <2 days. It 
may depend a bit on which if any file change monitor is being used (FAM, 
DNotify, nothing/polling..) I'm using polling.

I'm copying this thread to kde-core-devel as it's quite core-deve-ish. It 
looks as if it's to do with KDirLister 'caching' directories that aren't 
needed and continuing to watch them. Don't know why. But this results in the 
cdrom mount point being 'in use' until such time KDirLister stops watching. 
Which as far as I can tell isn't until Konqueror is closed and deletes all 
its objects.

Perhaps someone who knows this area could comment... is it as simple as 
something like this in kdirlister.cpp:

-      if ( item->complete)
+      if ( item->complete && !item.isUnderMountPoint())
        kdDebug(7004) << k_funcinfo << lister << " item moved into cache: " << 
url << endl;
        itemsCached.insert( urlStr, item ); // TODO: may return false!!

        // watch cached directories
      else {
        delete item;
        item = 0;

Then work out whether an item is under a mount point by using something ugly 
like scanning fstab, unless there's a nicer way..?

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