user interaction in kimgio plugins

Klaas Freitag freitag at
Fri Jan 10 12:36:12 GMT 2003


> So (for KDE4?) I propose to create a framework to handle this situation.
> Passing (within QImageIO) a QWidget* to use as a parent for dialogs would
> propable suffice in many situations. Adding a "bool quiet" tackles case c)
> from above.
> Is this a feasible way to go?
I like this idea. And why not (as an option) go one step further and provide 
help on the different image formats on places where the format is selectable? I
tried to do this in Kooka with the image save assistant. 

> PS: The same problem comes up on the 'read' side of kimgio. For instance
> the PhotoCD (.pcd) format contains different image sizes in one file.
There is another problem on the read side: Tiff images for example can
contain more than one page in one page. Currently only the first image can
be read. Thats pretty bad, because everything acts as if there is only one
page in the file.

Since professional scanner produce multi-page tiffs by hardware and people
contacted me and ask to be able to view it with Kooka, I implemented a 
KookaImage object, that acts like a QImage, but can contain and return the
second->end page also.
I do not know ATM if this can and should be ported to kimageio in the future?



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