user interaction in kimgio plugins

Michael Ritzert kde at
Fri Jan 10 12:20:12 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I have a first version of JPEG2000 write support on my HD.
Now I've come across this: JPEG2000 supports different quality/compression 
settings. How can I ask the user which setting she prefers? Of course I could 
just open a dialog. But that would
a) be unprecedented - even JPEG currently doesn't ask this question
b) have to be a dialog without parent, so it could not be modal
c) propably fail in some cases where the save action is supposed to happen 
without user interaction.

So (for KDE4?) I propose to create a framework to handle this situation. 
Passing (within QImageIO) a QWidget* to use as a parent for dialogs would 
propable suffice in many situations. Adding a "bool quiet" tackles case c) 
from above.
Is this a feasible way to go?


PS: The same problem comes up on the 'read' side of kimgio. For instance the 
PhotoCD (.pcd) format contains different image sizes in one file.
PPS: There is QImageIO::quality, but it is never set.

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