Thanks for KDE/Gnome article, and new info request

M. Fioretti m.fioretti at
Thu Jan 9 21:39:17 GMT 2003


some weeks ago I asked here for feedback on the "Hooray for Bluecurve
article published on the Linux Journal website. The main reason to ask
was to prepare a followup, to be published on the magazine, describing
what are the main standards and libraries that allow to any mix of
desktop applications (KDE, GNOME, or 3rd parties) to work together.

I have received a lot of useful information and explanations from you,
and am really grateful for that.

The article was delivered monday: the editor says it is OK, but also
asked (and here I come to you again for pointers) a flow diagram
illustrating, when the user drag and drops from a KDE to a GNOME app
what happens, why the whole thing works, and how it would work
with a 3rd party app. Something like

"this piece of KDE/Qt calls, according to XDND or whatever, calls this
piece of X which calls this piece of GTK/GNOME" and so on (I hope I
made myself clear...)

The question is, does this explanation already exist somewhere, even
in text form? Would anybody be so kind to provide it to me if not?
Worst case: which specific parts of which specification/document
should I read to figure it out myself?

Pointers to documentations are welcome in any case, I am interested in
this regardless of the article.

Any help is really appreciated!

		Marco Fioretti

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