[PATCH] setBackgroundEnabled() DCOP function for kdesktop

Karl Vogel karl.vogel at seagha.com
Thu Jan 9 21:29:04 GMT 2003


The included patch adds a DCOP function to kdesktop allowing the disabling
of the background (similar to setting mode Flat).

The idea behind this patch is to allow Krfb to use this function when a remote
session is initiated, speeding up remote desktop access since the background
doesn't get transmitted anymore.

The user can still change the background settings in kcontrol while the 
background is disabled.

The enabled/disabled state is not saved to a config, as this should only be 
used to temporarily disable the background.

One can test this from konsole by issuing:
	dcop kdesktop KBackgroundIface setBackgroundEnabled false

re-enable the background(s) with:
	dcop kdesktop KBackgroundIface setBackgroundEnabled true

Please review and apply if nobody has any objections.

Karl Vogel
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