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On Sunday January 05, 2003 02:25, Rob Kaper wrote:
> On Sunday January 5 2003 10:13 pm, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> > There are entries in for each app/component. Other than
> > that we have a few "MAINTAINERS" files throughout cvs where the
> > maintainers for specific files are listed.
> The "a few files throughout cvs" bothers me a bit.. does anyone know
> exactly what components make lookups and changes where so we can try to
> keep the duplication to a minimum?

Well, I put a MAINTAINERS file into kdelibs/kdecore and kdelibs/kdeui 
because those two directories are not run as single packages, and because 
it's not always clear who should be consulted about individual files in 
there.  A MAINTAINERS file should only exist for directories like these 
that lack clarity.

Most parts of KDE have their own component and don't need 
in-source documentation of maintainership (to go out of date).

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