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On Sunday January 5 2003 10:13 pm, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> There are entries in for each app/component. Other than that
> we have a few "MAINTAINERS" files throughout cvs where the maintainers for
> specific files are listed.

The "a few files throughout cvs" bothers me a bit.. does anyone know exactly 
what components make lookups and changes where so we can try to keep the 
duplication to a minimum?

I know authors are mentioned in the following places, normally:

.cpp/.h: Mostly for copyright, doesn't require syncing with anything.

AUTHORS: Would be nice to be consistent with other maintainer info, but not
critical for any KDE components. Useful for quick lookups though. (also: 

KAboutData: Ocassionaly used for bug reports and also a handy 
lookup within the app under "About appname". Could possibly use a sync with 
kde-common/accounts and other resources (hm, Maintainers.xml 
is fortunately gone, it seems).

bugs/ Not sure how this is used in Bugzilla..

Bugzilla accounts and default assignees: obviously an important resource.

Anything else?

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