Wireless Network Info Kicker Applet

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Feb 24 06:58:20 GMT 2003

We have someone else working on a similar system.  He has the kcontrol module 
associated with the applet in CVS, but the applet was going through a 
reworking/rewrite so it hasn't been committed yet.  I don't know what the 
current status of it is.  Can you discuss with him to see what direction this 
should go?  The author is Stefan Winter, and the code is kdenetwork/wifi/.


On Sunday 23 February 2003 09:26, Mirko Boehm wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have implemented an applet that displays the status of a wireless network
> connection in kicker (screen shot attached). The screen shot shows the
> applet (3 bars, link quality, signal and noise level) and a dialog showing
> the link properties.
> The applet is finished and works for a couple of weeks already. I would
> like to add it to kdenetwork, I was waiting for KDE 3.1 to be finished.
> A couple of questions remain:
> - The code is "partially operating system", that is, it uses a OS-specific
> implementation to retrieve the displayed settings (one pure virtual,
> basically). So for now it only works for Linux, but implementations for
> other OSes (provided they have something similar to the Linux wireless
> extensions) can be easily added. I prefer to add it to kdenetwork anyways,
> as otherwise I think those implementations will never come up.
> - Can somebody point me the name of a #define to decide whether we are
> compiling for a Linux system  :-) I need that for the factory method that
> creates the polling object.
> Thanks for your comments,
> --Mirko.


George Staikos

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