Wireless Network Info Kicker Applet

Mirko Boehm mirko at hackerbuero.org
Mon Feb 24 15:39:57 GMT 2003

<quote who="George Staikos">
> We have someone else working on a similar system.  He has the kcontrol
> module  associated with the applet in CVS, but the applet was going
> through a  reworking/rewrite so it hasn't been committed yet.  I don't
> know what the  current status of it is.  Can you discuss with him to see
> what direction this  should go?  The author is Stefan Winter, and the
> code is kdenetwork/wifi/.

I checked the code, and I will contact the author about his intentions.
His approach is (way) broader, so we may be able to merge.

Let's see.


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