Wireless Network Info Kicker Applet

Mirko Boehm mirko at hackerbuero.org
Sun Feb 23 14:26:29 GMT 2003

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Hi Folks,

I have implemented an applet that displays the status of a wireless network 
connection in kicker (screen shot attached). The screen shot shows the applet 
(3 bars, link quality, signal and noise level) and a dialog showing the link 

The applet is finished and works for a couple of weeks already. I would like 
to add it to kdenetwork, I was waiting for KDE 3.1 to be finished. 

A couple of questions remain:

- - The code is "partially operating system", that is, it uses a OS-specific 
implementation to retrieve the displayed settings (one pure virtual, 
basically). So for now it only works for Linux, but implementations for other 
OSes (provided they have something similar to the Linux wireless extensions) 
can be easily added. I prefer to add it to kdenetwork anyways, as otherwise I 
think those implementations will never come up. 

- - Can somebody point me the name of a #define to decide whether we are 
compiling for a Linux system  :-) I need that for the factory method that 
creates the polling object. 

Thanks for your comments, 

- --Mirko.
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