new maintainer kcmdhcpd/kcmbind maybe

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Sun Feb 16 17:38:02 GMT 2003

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it looks like a really good idea. 
Be sure I will test this stuff when it's done :)

your idea could be extended :
i think it would be great to add kcontrol a remote configuration access 
(host/user). It may be done without too much changes in kcm modules (only 
KConfig stuff).
In this case, another killer thing would be to have some kind of "config 
databases" where one could store the config of all its machines" (I would 
love that at work ;p). 
Doing this way you would just have to make the distinction between "servers 
configuration" which only have config files in /etc commonly and KDE's config 
files (global and for users).
do keep things clear for normal users, we could have some kind of kadmincenter 
(for admins) like infocenter (informational) and kcontrol (for users) all 
using the same technology (kcm).
Finally all these could be used as an interface to kiosk as well.


Le Dimanche 16 Février 2003 18:22, Willy De la Court a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I want to be the new maintainer of kcmdhcpd/kcmbind i'v already send a
> request to Karl Backström the current maintainer.
> Since KDE is almost never installed on servers these modules are pretty
> useless at the moment. My plan for fixing this are the following.
> Since the incorporation of kio_fish in the base install of KDE i want to
> use the kio_fish to modify the modules so that they be able to read/write
> remote configuration files.
> This will enable the modules to remotely administer dhcp and bind server
> without changing anything on the servers itself or install X and KDE.
> Is there any program that uses kio_fish in this way already.
> i'm looking for coding examples to use kio_fish to read and write files
> from within a program.
> my TODO list for these modules
> - enable remote read/write of config files
> - enable multiple servers management
> - redesign the parser
> - redesign UI
> - incorporation in kdebase/kdenetwork/kdeadmin when all these things are
> done.
> Any comments/remarks/recommandations are welcome.

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