new maintainer kcmdhcpd/kcmbind maybe

Hamish Rodda meddie at
Mon Feb 17 07:10:17 GMT 2003

On Monday 17 February 2003 04:38, Mickael Marchand wrote:
> In this case, another killer thing would be to have some kind of "config
> databases" where one could store the config of all its machines" (I would
> love that at work ;p).
> Doing this way you would just have to make the distinction between "servers
> configuration" which only have config files in /etc commonly and KDE's
> config files (global and for users).

I started work on an ACAP slave (see kdenonbeta/acap) which is a dedicated 
configuration protocol.  However I discovered that there is no maintained 
open source server implementation (that I could find), plus I couldn't think 
of very many benefits over nfs-mounted home dirs, so I haven't completed it.

I could be convinced to finish it if this really fills a need... but writing a 
server is a bit more effort (and maintaining the cyrus one is unlikely to be 
a pleasant task).  Would the kiosk project benefit from this? (the protocol 
has ACLs).


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