Moving from tab to tab

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Mon Feb 10 18:38:43 GMT 2003

On Monday 10 February 2003 14:00, Philippe Fremy wrote:
> I think Opera uses shift + mouse wheel for that. Else, CTRL + TAB is the
> standard short cut on windows to move from one MDI window to another and it
> works on Opera/Windows. It can not apply to KDE though.

Actually, it can if you use the 4-key keyboard scheme and I would definitely 
like it to be the default key for that keyboard scheme :)

As for the 3-key (default) scheme, that one is harder to get right. Most 
likely Konsole will have to remain a special case given the nature of the 
xterm keyboard support required, though we may end up with a key that can 
work ok, obviously.

Konqueror uses ctrl-[ and ctrl-] it seems to switch tabs (that's what 
Configure Shortcuts tell me, I don't use tabs).

Actually, I would like a keyboard accel to be available in every tab widget 
(also in KControl for example), because I don't use tabs for documents, but 
do have to operate them there :)

Anyway, back to the issue: I don't have a strong opinion, so we could pick 
about anything. ctrl-pgup/down is in use in editor windows though which makes 
it a bad choice even though mozilla uses it. I'll probably end up with 
ctrl-tab anyway on my keyboard scheme ;)


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