change in kio/kio/job.cpp broke lan-browsing ioslave

Alexander Neundorf alexander.neundorf at
Tue Feb 4 16:52:11 GMT 2003


the kio_lan ioslave makes heavy use of redirecting listDir().

I don't know since when, but suddenly bugreports appeared that it doesn't work 
anymore at all.

I had a look at kdelibs/kio/kio/job.cpp

void ListJob::slotRedirection( const KURL & url )
     if (!kapp->authorizeURLAction("redirect", m_url, url))
       kdWarning(7007) << "ListJob: Redirection from " << m_url.prettyURL()
<< " to " << url.prettyURL() << " REJECTED!" << endl;

This is where the redirection is rejected.
I see no reason why it shouldn't be redirected.
OTOH redirecting to http://somehost works.

Can we make it work again, please ?


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