Fwd: Name resolution makes kioslaves crash

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Feb 1 16:13:19 GMT 2003

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Any idea why a problem with DNS resolution can make kioslaves crash?

(Guy: this sure looks like a bug, not only a not-precise-enough error message).

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Subject: Konqueror Error
Date: Saturday 01 February 2003 17:08
From: Guy Hopkins <ghopkins at hitsolutions.com.au>
To: faure at kde.org


Since you can't help me with that protocol error I shall help you.

It stems from (in this case) the inability to complete a dns request when 
using a static IP config. I have just installed FreeBSD 5 RELEASE and got KDE 
3 running relatively quickly, but then received that same "protocol died" 
error for ftp, http, and smtp.

When I tried using ip addresses instead of fqdn's, it all worked. So, I switch 
my network interface to use DHCP and shabing! names resolved and everything 
working great.

I wonder if it would be more helpful to the user if they saw something like 
"DNS Error" or "Unable to resolve address" instead of "the protocol has died 
unexpectedly". It seems this message appears for many and varied different 
reasons, at least that's what I gathered researching lists on the net.

Just a thought, I don't doubt you have bigger and better things in the 


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