khotkeys in kcontrol

Troels Tolstrup troels at
Thu Dec 25 03:02:13 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 24 December 2003 20:26, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> another option is to pull it from the Control Center altogether and
> provide a different means to access it.

IMO, the "normal user" friendly way (tm) would perhaps be to split the 
program up and distribute the parts where they make sense.

I think the program allows for some nice effects, but i think it would make 
a lot more sense to allow using gestures as keyboard shortcuts from within 
the applications keybindings editor, instead of handling these things 

In order words, i like what it does, but i think it is complicated, hard to 
find, and does nothing to make it easy to add gestures to konqueror for 

I think one solution would be to get rid of it from kcontrol and add it 
under utilities or system, (i have a hard time telling the difference 
between these 2) and then perhaps later integrate some of its functionality 
into the keybindings editor/framework.


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