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some people may be completely headshaking (I've had that too :)) but I figured 
out talking to people that they don't know how to use konqueror in browser 
mode. They just know konqueror is a browser and they would never use a file 
manager to do the work. Unfortunately, konqueror by default starts as the 
filemanager although everyone only recognizes it as a browser.

My suggestion then is to make the browser mode the default when starting 
konqueror from the commandline and to use the profile name when starting it 
as a filemanager. Even better would be a program (could be even a shell 
script, stupid like it sounds) called "kfilemanager" to start konqueror in 
filemanager mode.

Comments ? I know this is a totally rediculous idea but to most people 
starting konqueror they want to use it as a browser because they don't even 
know what a filemanager is good for (especially commandline people)

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