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Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Dec 18 21:53:38 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 17 December 2003 22:12, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Hi,
> One way to do that is to make those apps use our filedialog and printdialog
> (printing does work in most cases, filedialog is a research project people
> should look at and maybe make proposals how to change gtk to call the kde
> file dialog, patches welcome for demo.
> Alex Neundorf is working on the OOo/gtk side, so please contact him if you
> want to be of help, he really needs hands helping him with this particular
> project.

Well, currently I'll try to focus on fuse

which (as it seems) has the potential to deliver ioslave support for all linux 
apps. Together with Kevon Ottens we'll start on working on the fuse directory 
in kdenonbeta again. Means  ... kde ioslaves for all kde apps :-)

Here are two emails with some informations about the file dialog of OOo:

From: CPH <cphennessy at>
A few things you may be interested in doing :
1) read the UCB chapter of the developers guide as I think it is possible that 
to register your own file/directory browser. The dev list for hlpe on this 
would be dev at;
2)  also have a look at the OOo patches available at as I 
believe that they integrated both the file and print dialogs and the vfs from 

And this one:

Re: Integrating KDE dialogs into OOo 1.1.x
Date: Today 14:15:24
From: Harald Fernengel <harry at>
To: dev at
CC: CPH <cphennessy at>, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at>


On Thursday 18 December 2003 02:57, CPH wrote:
> I've heard that you might be doing some work on the integration of KDE
> dialogs with

I've already started with KDE dialog integration in non-KDE apps by using the 
kdialog command line tool. Me, wheels and danimo are planning a KDE UI Server 
for KDE 4, so you don't have to launch the out-of-process app every time. The 
glue between the non-KDE app and the KDE UI server will be a very lightweight 
C library (maybe using d-bus), so it should be easy to integrate.

Until then, I hacked the "--embed <winid>" parameter into kdialog, so you can 
make the dialog transient for any X Window, meaning that the window-manager 
won't show the dialog as an external app in the taskbar. With that trick, KDE 
dialogs feel pretty native.

Best regards,


Anybody wants to start working on this ?

Here you can get a very simple testing lib and app, which provides a plain C 
interface for the KDE file dialog.

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