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Am Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2003 17:38 schrieb Simon Hausmann:
> KDE has an abstraction layer for different calendar systems
> (developed by Hans Petter Bieker and Carlos Moro) , which is also
> for example what the date picker in KDE's clock applet or KOrganizer
> uses.
> That would be the best place to provide an implementation for your
> Hijri calenda, because it means adding your code in only one place
> and applications dealing with calendars would immediately get
> support for it, without further modifications.

Isn't Hijiri already supported by KCalendarSystem in current CVS? IIRC (I 
don't have a machine running CVS at hand), you can select it in the control 
center -> Regional & Accessibility -> Country & Language -> Time & Dates.

The Date picker will display the dates in the new calendar system.

I noticed on the screenshot that both Gregorian and Hijiri dates are 
displayed. Is that common in countries with different calendar systems, or is 
it sufficient to always show the dates just in the selected calendar system 
(e.g. only the Hijiri dates)?

I'm not sure if we really caught all places where KCalendarSystem needs to be 
used (I fixed several things in KOrganizer's date picker, but didn't really 
pay too much attention to calendar systems, as hardly know anything about 
other calendars, anyway. So chances are, I got something wrong). It would be 
great, if someone "native" could cross-check how KOrganizer works in other 
calendar systems. 

Right-To-Left systems as well as other calendar systems are not so well 
tested, since most developers have LTR systems and the Gregorian calendar, so 
bugs won't be noticed by all developers. If you find any problems (like the 
serious RTL issues reported as 
There are not calendar system bugs reported yet), please file bug reports.

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