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On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 04:30:22PM +0100, Waldo Bastian wrote:
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> Subject: Our effort in hijri date
> Date: Sun December 07 2003 06:09
> From: "Yousef AL-Harthi" <alharthi at kacst.edu.sa>
> To: "kde devlopment" <kde-devel at mail.kde.org>
> Hello,
> I am Yousef ALHarthi, researcher in King AbdulAziz City for Science and
>  Technology (KACST) in Saudi Araibia. We have effort in Hijri calendar we try
>  to support hijri date in Korganizer, the applet in panal of desktop in kde,
>  and Qhijri class and we use in our projects Um AlQura calendar(other
>  calculation of hijri calendar) that is approved in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :
> This is Snapshot for our effort in Korganizer:
> You will find  ( gregorian date / hijri date ) inside table.
> The applet in panal of desktop in kde:
> http://ceri.kacst.edu.sa/download/snapshot1.png
> Qhijri class is like QDate class in QT :
> http://ceri.kacst.edu.sa/download/QHijri-0.5.cpp
> We hope to let Korganizer support hijri calendar, so what we can do to help
>  you in korganizer.
> We hope to see Qhijri class and give us your opinion and suggestions about
>  it.

KDE has an abstraction layer for different calendar systems
(developed by Hans Petter Bieker and Carlos Moro) , which is also
for example what the date picker in KDE's clock applet or KOrganizer

That would be the best place to provide an implementation for your
Hijri calenda, because it means adding your code in only one place
and applications dealing with calendars would immediately get
support for it, without further modifications.

This layer (KCalendarSystem and related classes) can be found in the
KDE CVS repository in the trunk in kdelibs/kdecore. They will be
part of the upcoming 3.2 release.

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