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On Sunday 07 December 2003 20:19, Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:

> Isn't Hijiri already supported by KCalendarSystem in current CVS? IIRC (I
> don't have a machine running CVS at hand), you can select it in the control
> center -> Regional & Accessibility -> Country & Language -> Time & Dates.

Yes, it is supported in CVS.  (I just tried it.)


> The Date picker will display the dates in the new calendar system.
> I noticed on the screenshot that both Gregorian and Hijiri dates are
> displayed. Is that common in countries with different calendar systems, or 
> is it sufficient to always show the dates just in the selected calendar 
> system (e.g. only the Hijiri dates)?

As I recall Saudi Arabia is the only country that uses Hijiri dates for 
official proceedings; in the rest of the Islamic world it's used as the 
calendar for holidays and such while official events go by Gregorian time.

But since the conversion is non-trivial (they don't use the same length of 
year so the Hijiri rotates through the Gregorian year as to when events take 
place) I can imagine that in most of the places where Hijiri is used it's 
convenient to have both.

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