eGroupware resources in KDE3.2

Shaheed srhaque at
Sun Dec 7 09:29:55 GMT 2003

On Saturday 06 December 2003 23:17, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> The eGroupware resources don't necessariliy have to be part of the KDE
> 3.2 release. They could also be released separately when 3.2 is out.
> This would require libkcal to be a public API, though. Maybe we should
> take the step of making it public with 3.2. This would require some
> changes (adding d-pointers and similar stuff). I'm also not really sure
> that the API is ready for this. Maybe a compromise of making it public
> but with notice to change in 3.3 or whatever comes after 3.2 would be
> appropriate.

I have a couple of questions on going public with this API (alonside the 
tidyups you refer to). First, I have a specific question about timezone 
"phase-floating" events, see:

and second, I would like to know if anyone has done a feature comparison 
between our API, and the usage of either or both of MS Exchange and Lotus 
Notes. While I do not think we should be constrained by these proprietary 
implementations of groupware, we should at least understand the maturity of 
our API in comparision with the extant solutions before we open it up.

I hope this sounds reasonable!

Thanks, Shaheed

P.S. Yes, of course I will help if I can...I at least have access to Exchange 
as a client.

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