KDE and Debian proposal

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Sun Dec 7 05:15:54 GMT 2003


I'm helping put together a proposal for a project involving Debian and
KDE but it is not quite in the public stages yet.  As a first step,
I'm chatting with KDE developers who use (or would use) Debian and
Debian developers interested in KDE.

I am therefore requesting developers/anyone with an interest in KDE
and Debian

-->could you please drop me a mail<-- 

and signal your presence?  Just looking for a show of hands here, not
commitment to anything in particular.  I want people who would be
potentially interested in the proposal to be in the loop as soon as
possible and the more the merrier.

Just to drop a name: Ralf Nolden, KDE guy and soon to be an official
Debian guy, is likely going to be leading this.  Personally, if this
works out, I think this has the potential to bring KDE rewliness to a
whole new level.

Sorry to spam the various lists.

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