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Sat Dec 6 11:04:36 GMT 2003

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On Saturday 06 December 2003 03:10, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > 2) proper hiding of the main window when clicking on the systray icon in
> > certain situations. the comment in the code even references "LeftButton",
> > but in the code it was "MidButton". oops. i've had this one laying around
> > on my hard disk for a long while and apparently completely forgot about
> > it. =/
> I wondered myself why what used to work with left button now shows the main
> window

well... the patch as i posted it doesn't revert that part of the new 
behaviour, though i agree it should. as it stands, those without middle mouse 
buttons can't get to the main mixer window. i don't know how many people will 
try middle clicking on it, and it is a deviation from how it was in previous 
releases. i know that the slider-on-left-click was done based on user 
requests, and i haven't heard of any complaints about it....

i also just noticed that the "don't keep showing the volume slider when you 
click a second time on the systray icon" logic doesn't work properly. i'll 
put together another patch that fixes this and restores the mouse button 
mappings to the way they were in 3.1...

one improvement that could be made in a future relase is adding a button to 
the volume slider that shows the main mixer window.

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