kde now has a metronome.

Russell Miller rmiller at duskglow.com
Sun Aug 31 14:21:18 BST 2003

I've just committed another little app into kdenonbeta.  This one was due to
someone posting an app on freshmeat and me thinking "so why doesn't kde
have one?"  Well, it does now.

It's a metronome app.  Supports variable speeds from 30 to 240 beats per
minute, and also supports duple, triple, and quartal time.  Sound isn't
yet supported (output is from some leds on the top), but other than that,
it's fully functional.

The UI might be a little hoary.  If you have a use for the applet, feel free
to download it, try it out, and give me suggestions.  I make no claim that
it's done - just that it's usable.

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