KCachegrind into kdesdk?

Stanislav Visnovsky visnovsky at kde.org
Fri Aug 29 09:43:18 BST 2003

Dňa Pi 29. August 2003 10:37 Dominique Devriese napísal:
> > I want KCachegrind to compile on KDE 3.0, too. Is it possible to
> > make separate releases able to compile on older libraries out of KDE
> > CVS (I suppose with cvs2dist). Weren't there some issues here?
> I occasionally make releases of Kig from KDE CVS too.  I use cvs2dist,
> and I haven't heard of problems with it, but I'm not sure whether
> anyone has really tried using it with KDE 3.0.  I'm sure about KDE 3.1
> and HEAD.

The main problem is documentation with changes of DocBook versions.
I simply skip the docs.


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