KCachegrind into kdesdk?

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Aug 29 09:37:44 BST 2003

Josef Weidendorfer writes:

> Hi, I need some opinions/clarifications regarding the issue in the
> subject.  Last sunday I asked a few core KDE people in N7Y about
> importing KCachegrind into kdesdk. There was no objection to this,
> but I'm not really sure about the consequences of this step.

I'd like to see it in KDE CVS too..

> KCachegrind is a KDE application, but it is bound in now way to the
> development process of KDE applications only. The data visualized
> could be produced on any machine and with programs written in any
> language (currently it's bound to the Valgrind skin Calltree).  Does
> it make sense then to put it into kdesdk?


> I want KCachegrind to compile on KDE 3.0, too. Is it possible to
> make separate releases able to compile on older libraries out of KDE
> CVS (I suppose with cvs2dist). Weren't there some issues here?

I occasionally make releases of Kig from KDE CVS too.  I use cvs2dist,
and I haven't heard of problems with it, but I'm not sure whether
anyone has really tried using it with KDE 3.0.  I'm sure about KDE 3.1
and HEAD.


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