application relicensing

Alex Zepeda zipzippy at
Thu Aug 28 21:45:28 BST 2003

What this mess has impressed upon me is this.  We do not need some mandate
explaining that we are allowed to say foo, but not bar.  There should be
some formal method of coming to a consensus about such issues.  Perhaps 
requiring a 2/3rds majority of cvs committers (active within the past 
three months maybe?) to agree to such contriversial changes.

I for one don't mind seeing political statements in KDE.  I was glad to
see Apache took their page down for this event.  I would be glad to see
KDE take such a stance as well. On the other hand, I'm quite offended by
your attempted fellating of the American Military.

Neil, if you cannot see the difference in intent, target audience, and
appropriateness for KDE between the two statements.. and perhaps see why
one is more acceptable... perhaps you need to sit down and give it a
harder look.

- alex

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