Patch for more flexible processing of KURLs

Petter E. Stokke gibreel at
Wed Aug 27 15:57:24 BST 2003

I've written a patch for KURL which addresses bug #62425
(, which deals with
non-standard URLs being processed and mangled by KURL, and which also
implements correct processing of mailto URIs (normalising of the
hostname part of the email address) and a kind of framework for any
future special processing needs.

I'm hoping somebody on this list will help review and test the code -
it's hackish in places because of the need to keep KURL low level (the
protocol database parser totally ignores the existence of ksycoca, which
is nasty but seems unavoidable), and I'd welcome any comments on how to
make it cleaner.

The patch is here:

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