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Thu Aug 28 08:47:13 BST 2003

On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 11:21:15PM +0200, Roger Larsson wrote:
> This since USA currently is the country with least of the "freedom that made 
> this software possible" - DMCA, stupid software patents, politicians bought 
> by corporation(s) to fight OpenSource (OK, I do not know if that is so... 
> but...)

Hence a credit to the military, not Ashcroft.

I am 100% aware that Neil's addition was the most provocative commit in a
long while, but so was the handling of the patent blackout, in fact, it
provoked Neil's commits, and so on and so on.

Furthermore, I am 100% convinced Neil is trying to make a point here that
not all political messages are being treated equally and that he would be
perfectly fine removing those credits if the KDE team decides that political
messages do not belong in the project.

I don't think they do, which is why not having the credits and not having
the blackout would've been the best thing we could've done.

Being anti-patents is fine by me, so I am happy with the hotspot we had for
years, but in all honesty please try to understand that participating in a
boycott directly aimed to influence a vote in the European Parlement *is* a
political message.

With that information in mind, can people understand why a politically
pedantic person would object to having the page there and respond with his
own political message?

And now let's go back to a no-politics, no-nonsense, no-fighting KDE and
with some luck, add no-bugs to that list as well?

People, there is no need to make Neil feel unwelcome because his views on
politics are different than the majority of developers. Neil, there is no
need to commit political messages to KDE CVS in order to protest political
messages on the web-site.

While I understand both sentiments, I'll have to object to both actions. I'm
glad has returned to normal operation. I'll be happy to see Neil
remove his credits from CVS. And I hope in the future we'll think twice
before putting a political message in KDE, no matter how large a group
supports that message.

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