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On Saturday August 16, 2003 01:49, Russell Miller wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 16, 2003 at 01:41:04PM -0700, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > I don't see an -iA here.  Timidity 2.11.3, FreeBSD 4.8.
> >
> > Available interfaces (-i option):
> >   -in     ncurses interface
> >   -iT     vt100 interface
> >   -id     dumb interface
> >   -ir     remote interface
> > Supported dynamic load interfaces (/usr/local/lib/timidity):
> >   -ia     /usr/local/lib/timidity/
> >
> > Surely you don't mean the -ia Xaw interface? :-)  If you mean -ir,
> > doesnt' that expose a port to the whole world?
> -iA is the alsa sequencer client.  You must be using an old version of
> timidity. 

2.11.3 is the latest version.

ALSA is the key there.  If kmidi is removed and replaced with a dependency 
on ALSA, then everyone not running Linux (you know, the L in ALSA) loses 

Further, Linux users not running the as-yet-unreleased Linux 2.6 get shut 
out too.  That will be the first version that ships ALSA.

> That said, yes, I do mean ir, and the "opening a port"
> argument is a red herring.  That's what firewalls are for, and most
> distributions (of any OS) worth their salt have a built in firewall.

I don't think it's a good idea for KDE to open a port and leave it to 
someone else to clean up the mess.  Using some sort of authentication 
cookie would be nice here.

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