Kash - payed support?

Tim Jansen tim at tjansen.de
Sat Aug 16 20:27:44 BST 2003

On Saturday 16 August 2003 21:13, Roger Larsson wrote:
> Suppose you could buy a golden vote with 1 Kash (40€)
> Problems:
> * Tax law, especially if the ball gets rolling...
> * Competition instead of cooperation to solve bugs.
> * Developers might work on wish list items (1 Kash)
>   instead of solving real bugs with hundreds of votes.

* you need some trusted organization that is responsible for the money 
transactions and holds the Kash. Doing this with a volunteer organization is 
probably not possible
* disputes when exactly the bug is solved (you need a trusted arbitrator)
* some solution to avoid that two people / companies work on the same bug / 
feature (like allowing only people to 'block' only one bug at a time)

Beside that I think that a system like that is inevitable for free software 
(but with cheaper votes, most people do not want to spent so much money for a 
single feature, but rather spread it among several features/bugs). The 
question is just when.


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