kmidi goes byebye.

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Sat Aug 16 20:19:52 BST 2003

El Saturday 16 August 2003 20:47, Russell Miller escribió:
> Hi all,

Hello Russell,

> after a discussion with the maintainer of kmid, I've decided, unless
> there are any objections, to take the following action.

I'm glad you took that decision.

> 1.  Compare kmidi and kmid.  Any features that kmidi has that kmid does
> not will either be ported to kmid or left to dangle, as determined by
> discussion with the kmid maintainer.

As I told you, I think it would be great if you could make kmid use 
directly timidity++ instead of using ALSA's sequencer interface. Even if 
the right way to do it is the way ALSA provides, people using a non-Linux 
operating system like FreeBSD, or OSS cannot use timidity with kmid (yet), 
so there's still a reason to keep kmidi around. Will you (please) have a 
look at that? :)

> It was important for me to take up this role, but at present only as a
> liquidator.  Please let me know if thare are any objections.  If there
> are no features to migrate to kmid, I am tentatively scheduling the
> move/removal for September 1.

I would say that people using FreeBSD won't like the idea as long as they 
cannot use kmid.

> After this is done, I expect to put more work in kbview with the goal of

What is kbview ?

> adding it to the kde project, and working on other aspects of the kde
> project. Maybe fixing a couple of annoying bugs in khtml :)


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