kmidi goes byebye.

Russell Miller rmiller at
Wed Aug 20 06:10:13 BST 2003

On Sat, Aug 16, 2003 at 09:19:52PM +0200, Antonio Larrosa Jim?nez wrote:
> As I told you, I think it would be great if you could make kmid use 
> directly timidity++ instead of using ALSA's sequencer interface. Even if 
> the right way to do it is the way ALSA provides, people using a non-Linux 
> operating system like FreeBSD, or OSS cannot use timidity with kmid (yet), 
> so there's still a reason to keep kmidi around. Will you (please) have a 
> look at that? :)
That's my intent.  I will do so as soon as I get the new kde installed
(I'm building a whole new "toolchain" with QT 3.2.)

According to feedback, this is the only thing that kmidi can do that kmid
cannot.  So I will hold off removing kmidi until this is completed - and
once it is, then I will remove kmidi from cvs.

I will write it so that it will use a timidity server run with -ir.  If
one does not wish to open the port, they need not do it, timidity support
will simply not work in that case.  I will provide support scripts to turn
the server on and off.

Apart from that concession (that kde shouldn't start the server itself and
leave something else to "clean up after the mess"), I see no reason not to
do it this way - in fact, by providing a hostname, one could conceivably
stream midi to remote hosts, a possibility which I frankly find intriguing.
So, unless the kmid maintainer objects, that is how I will implement it.

> What is kbview ? - it's a binary format viewer for
KDE.  I also intend on putting some more work into this in the next few
weeks, what with the new hex editor widget, etc. (thanks hex editor widget

Proof that although I do spend quite a bit of time shooting off my mouth,
I can also put out. :-)  Code, that is.

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