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Sat Aug 16 14:47:13 BST 2003

On Sat August 16 2003 6:15 am, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez wrote:

> I'm the kmid author, so you may think (probably rightfully ;-) ) that I'm
> biased, but what is that niche?
What I had outlined below.  But, it appears that I may be full of it (which 
those on #kde-devel would probably not dispute).

> Something like the midi mapper in kmid ?
I'll be honest, I haven't spent much effort trying to make kmid work.  It 
always tells me something else is using /dev/sequencer and nothing happens. 
And I've had more important things to do.  I need to sit down and see what 
can be done with it.

> To my knowledge, that's better done at timidity level, but I agree I don't
> know much about timidity internals (except that kmid can already use
> timidity to synthesize sounds)
How does it do this?  Through a timidity server, IPC with a timidity 

> IMVHO I would say that in that case you should better help the Brahms,
> Rosegarden or Noteedit projects.
I have been unimpressed with all of those projects, but it has been a while, 
maybe I need to revisit and see what happens.

> If you're concentrating on the player, I would be welcome to receive help
> with kmid, in other case I would help one of the above projects. But of
> course, if you want to rewrite kmidi, I won't discourage you.
Mostly what I'm concentrating on is trying to find a disposition for the six 
or so kmidi bugs left in the kde bug database. :)  And trying to figure out 
how to avoid there being two midi applications in kde that do essentially the 
same thing.


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