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Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Sat Aug 16 15:37:24 BST 2003

El Saturday 16 August 2003 15:47, Russell Miller escribió:
> > To my knowledge, that's better done at timidity level, but I agree I
> > don't know much about timidity internals (except that kmid can already
> > use timidity to synthesize sounds)
> How does it do this?  Through a timidity server, IPC with a timidity
> process...?

timidity server of course. run timidity++ with -iA and then leave the work 
of the sound driver to the sound driver :)

> > IMVHO I would say that in that case you should better help the Brahms,
> > Rosegarden or Noteedit projects.
> I have been unimpressed with all of those projects, but it has been a
> while, maybe I need to revisit and see what happens.

It's also been a while since I tried them, yes. That's why I mentioned them 
all instead of prefering one.

> Mostly what I'm concentrating on is trying to find a disposition for the
> six or so kmidi bugs left in the kde bug database. :)  And trying to
> figure out how to avoid there being two midi applications in kde that do
> essentially the same thing.

Not at all. I can't use kmidi to play a midi file through an external midi 
keyboard, which is my preferred method to hear midi music.


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