KDEPrint code cleanup

Dominik Seichter domseichter at web.de
Fri Aug 1 12:54:06 BST 2003

Am Freitag, 1. August 2003 13:47 schrieb Michael Goffioul:
> > Sorry -- that just doesn't cut it for breaking BC.  If you install
> > headers and do not explicitly mark them as private, assume that they are
> > and will be used as part of the public API and that BC rules apply.
> >
> > "I didn't document them" doesn't make them any less public.
> This was not an argument, simply an explanation of why they
> are not documented. Anyway, I don't have the will nor the
> time to fight against that, and as I said, I won't change
> anything (next planned change should then occur for 4.0)
> Michaƫl.
> PS: to my knowledge, KBarcode is the only app making use of
>      those internal KDEPrint headers (but I guess they might
>      be others).
As I said already, changing the API would be OK for me and no problem for 
KBarcode, as users are encouraged to upgrade to 1.4.0 anyways when it is 
ready. If neccessary I will also fix version 1.2.1 to use the new API. So the 
change would be no problem for KBarcode.

CU Dom
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